This showcase presents a variety of topics and styles. We can provide electronic and print travel media with illustrated stories based on showcased articles, and others we have indicated as being available. For convenience, our stories are grouped into regions:

LONDON For visitors it just keeps getting better

SOUTHERN ENGLAND where gardens and literary luminaries prosper

CENTRAL and NORTHERN ENGLAND for grand estates, dramatic scenery and an industrial past

Included are stories on Beatrice Potter's Lake District, and Agatha Christie's Devon, for which Pam was awarded ANTOR Canada's 2004 and 2006 Awards for Excellence in Travel Writing.

WALES so close and yet so different, you will want to see it all

SCOTLAND Its modern cities, windswept coasts and landmarks from a turbulent past are never far away

Originally from Britain, we return there at least once a year for extended stays, to visit family and research travel stories. Always we discover an area, a town a theme that's new to us, to pass on to our readers. A collection of Pam's stories from The Globe and Mail were revised and reprinted in Pam Hobbs' Britain, a Doubleday Canada publication. More, with Michael's pictures continue to appear in leading magazines and newspapers. By now we know more about Britain than most who live there.