Historic Sites

BARKERVILLE in British Columbia. Gold Rush town relives all the excitement of the 1800s
HEAD-SMASHED-IN BUFFALO JUMP in Alberta, dramatically records hunts when buffalo in the millions raced across the Prairies, many ending up at the carefully-contrived buffalo jump.
LOUISBOURG in Nova Scotia captures the life and times of New France
UPPER CANADA VILLAGE, Ontario, portrays life among 19th century descendants of Loyalists who fled the American Revolution to build new lives on the banks of the St Lawrence River.


ACADIAN HISTORIC VILLAGE, near Caraquet, NB, home of a people returned from exile.
FORT EDMONTON PARK, Edmonton, Alberta, tracing the city's growth from its foundation as a Hudson's Bay trading post.
KINGS LANDING HISTORICAL SETTLEMENT, near Fredericton, NB, portrays rural life among the descendants of Loyalists who fled the American Revolution.
L'ANSE AUX MEADOWS NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK, Nfld, is a reconstruction of the only known Viking settlement in North America
OLD FORT WILLIAM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, tells of the Great Rendezvous and trade between native trappers and Europeans at this reconstruction of a frontier trading post.
STE-MARIE AMONG THE HURONS, Midland, Ontario, revealing the dramatic story of 17th century Jesuits who established a self-contained mission here, then destroyed when besieged by hostile natives.