This showcase presents a variety of topics and styles. We can provide electronic and print travel media with illustrated stories based on showcased articles, or those we have indicated as being available, or virtually any travel topic related to Canada.

CITIES safe, clean, interesting
ATTRACTIONS enjoyed by everyone
HISTORIC SITES displaying Canada's past
PARKS our favorite national and provincial parks
JOURNEYS through some of the world's most fabulous scenery, with MAPS to guide you along the way

Canada is our home. Over the past three decades we have travelled coast to coast by car, motorhome and train and written four travel books about this magnificent country. We have stayed in landmark hotels chosen for their magnificent settings, city hideaways and B&Bs, and camped in national and provincial parks.

We have experienced Canada's past in living museums, rejoiced in its cultural achievements and will continue to write about the latest visitor attractions. In the past decade we have seen significant shifts in tourism as Americans, as well as Europeans and Asians who love the low Canadian dollar, discover great value, sensational scenery, clean safe cities, wilderness parks and well organized tours We can help you convey this and much more to your readers.