This 950 word article describes a motorhome life during a trip to Canada's Maritime Provinces, cost, rental source, etc.


By Pam Hobbs

I can't think of a better way to tour this country - to smell it, feel it, taste it, - than to travel by motorhome. Camping friends may sneer at the power-steering and on-board comforts that can include a home entertainment center, microwave oven, ice machine and even a wall safe if you can't leave home without one. But the reality is, had we tented our way through the Maritimes last year, preparing meals over open fires, setting up shop in different locales each day, we wouldn't have seen much more than campgrounds.

Motorhomes are for touring. The only similarity between this mode of travel and camping is that you carry your own shelter and usually park at a campground each night. Literally mobile homes, they allow you to travel with whatever home conveniences you want. Personally I love the freedom they afford. I like to pack just once for a two or three week trip. I like having my clothes hanging handily in a wardrobe, should I decide to get changed halfway through the day as mood and weather indicate. I prefer my cooking to the fast food of highway cafeterias, and I like being self-contained when it means passing up crowded public washrooms. I like spur-of-the-moment decisions to stay or move on, unfettered by hotel reservations. And I like the way these vehicles effortlessly gobble up the miles.

For families traveling with babies and young children there are untold advantages. Like the very old, the very young are happiest with their own things around them. Some even bring their pets, etc, etc,.........