Deer Lake, Nfld: Nobody gives out bumper stickers that read I've Driven the Viking Trail and I think they should. Not because it takes any particular skill or daring to follow the 295 mile (475km) highway between Deer Lake and St Anthony, but to spread the word about the rugged beauty, the friendly people, the festivals, feasts and crafts, and 'Good Time' entertainment to be experienced on this northern peninsula. And let's not forget the history. Evidence of Europeans in North America doesn't go back much further than this province's northern tip, settled by Vikings around the year 1,000.

It is a drive that tugs at the emotions. The natural beauty is almost painful in its purity, causing motorists to pull over often and stare at lush headlands and flowered meadows; the weathered docks and bobbing boats in an ever-changing light, the majestic ice sculptures floating offshore like phantom ships from some fairy-tale planet.

This 1400 word article traces the trail and historic places, including a stay at an outstanding B & B and ending with:

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