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For the second time in as many minutes a moan could be heard through the thick wooden door. With strong black hands his houseman Migel pummelled on it, shouting all the time: "Master, master. What's the matter, master?" When his only response was another moan he ran outside, put a ladder against the wall and climbed some twenty feet or more to the bathroom window. At the top, he tells me, he almost lost his life when the shutter came away in his hands. But he hung on somehow, forced an entry and found his 'master' slumped between the toilet and bath.

With the help of his wife, Migel moved him to the heavy four poster bed in an adjoining room. By the time a doctor could be summonsed Sir Noel Coward was dead. This scene took place originally on March 26 l973 at Coward's Port Maria home on Jamaica's north coast. During my visit some years later Migel, butler here for eight years and custodian of the property after Sir Noel's death, dramatically demonstrated what happened on that fateful morning.