Excerpts from 1,500-word article


Like an electric current, excitement passed through the aircraft. Passengers in window seats rapidly clicked their cameras. The rest of us craned over aisles as the pilot obligingly banked to give us a glimpse of mist-clouds rising from the jungle. "Thank you for flying Aero Argentina. Welcome to Iguazu" said the voice. Then as an afterthought, "the outside temperature is 44 degrees."

It was like steping into an oven. Riding between airport and hotel in an open-sided jeep, hot air whipped my face. Our guide, Sandra, told us about resident birds and monkeys and butterflies the size of two outspread hands, but I couldn't take it in. After a day's travelling, my thoughts had drifted to a cool bath and iced drink in air-conditioned comfort.

It was late afternoon. Sandra, escorting our group of four, wanted to know if we were game for a jungle walk now in spite of the heat. Game? What heat? In a matter of minutes we had changed into sneakers, bought bottled water and followed her to a footpath disappearing into the jungle.